Working at The Dolphin Summer 2019

First of all, well done for being active enough to find this page and not just waiting for Indeed to drop it in your lap: we like you already.

This is going up on a super-wet, extra-quiet Tuesday in March, but we need to plan ahead.

We are currently looking for staff to work this summer.

That means from April to September.

If you are studying and have exams in April / May we can work around that.

If you have holidays / festivals booked we can (probably) work around that.

If you want every Thursday to Sunday off, we can’t work around that.

We are enormously proud of our staff. Essentially, the staff make the pub.

If you think it is important to say ‘Hello’ to every customer, serve cold drinks in cold glasses and can work when we need you to, not just when you want to, then we’d love to hear from you.

Either come in and introduce yourself or send a CV to: info@thedolphincanterbury.co.uk

After 15 years, we are very aware of the flexibility that studying can require and plan our staffing accordingly. You might be surprised.

Apply now, before the rush.

Call if you have any questions:

01227 455 963