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To see the 2019 Christmas menu, please click the link above.

Detailed dietary information can be found in the ‘Christams Dietary Information’ PDF (above). If you have further specific questions that are not answered in the FAQs below, please e-mail:

For those who have Christmassed with us before, rest assured, things will be very much the same.

For those not familiar with our festive offering, the following FAQs may help.

Menu as PDF file

Pre-order form as XLS file

Dietary Information as PDF file

Christmas Frequently Answered Questions

When does the food turn festive?
The Christmas menu will be available from 29th November to
22nd December.

Is there a set Christmas meal?
We do not have a set price, three course menu.
Customers can choose whatever they want and are not limited to three courses.

Is there a buffet option?

Sorry, we can’t run buffets over the Christmas period.

What deposit is required?
We do not ask for deposits.

How many people can be catered for?
The largest single table that can be accommodated is 14 people.
The largest group that can be accommodated is 24 people

(over 3 tables) in the conservatory: three tables of 8, 10 and 6 to make 24.
Always book high and come down.

Should food be pre-ordered?
Groups of six or more will be asked to pre-order where ever possible.
Pre-orders should be on the Excel sheet that can be downloaded above.
Pre-orders should be returned a week before your booking.

What if guests drop-out?

Book for your maximum number and come down.

We don’t charge for no-shows but would appreciate as much notice as possible.

Can guests pay separately?

The till system allows us to show your party exactly what was ordered, split the cost of entire bills or split specific items and take separate payments.

Card or cash is fine.

Can allergies be catered for?

Check the Christmas Dietary Information sheet

If you have specific dietary requirements we will be able to advise and accommodate accordingly.

Please do bear in mind that our kitchen does process nuts, gluten and garlic. Traces of other ingredients may also be present.

See gluten and veganism questions below.

Which dishes are gluten free (GF)?

Check the Christmas Dietary Information sheet

There are gluten free versions of several dishes.

When a gluten allergy is identified, we will assume that the guest is a diagnosed coeliac, and has to be 100% gluten free. Those with a less comprehensive intolerance to gluten may be able to be more expansive with their choices.

If a gluten free meal is required, please state this when booking


We do want to feed you.

What dishes are suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Check the Christmas Dietary Information sheet

Is there parking?
The Dolphin does not have a private car park.
The pub backs on to the Saint Radigunds Street public car park. This is patrolled 24 hours.
The car park can be very busy in the run-up to Christmas, especially when the Marlowe pantomime starts.
The Dolphin is five minutes’ walk from The Marlowe Theatre.

When is The Dolphin closed?
25th, 26th 27th December and 1st January.

Christmas 2019